5 Jul 2016


Me vs. Mondays. No prizes for guessing which one is who.

Some 300 years ago, when I was in school, I remember seeing these random "inspirational" quotes everywhere - on the stone walls, on the ceilings near the staff rooms, on boards. Most of the those quotes were by Swami Chinmayananda (I studied in Chinmaya Vidyalaya) and most of them were read and learnt by rote and forgotten long before I even hit adulthood. 


If you have ever followed this blog with any iota of earnestness at all, I will not have failed in regaling you (in no small degree) with my Manic Monday Moods. I hated Mondays with a will and in return, they hated me back with a will. I used to spend Sunday evening and Monday morning hating that I have to adult, hating that weekends are not longer, hating that Murphy consistently gets away with sticking it to me. 

But things seem to have changed in the last three weeks. I have been on time to work, I have dressed in something other than a hoodie and yesterday's denims. My nails aren't chipped and I don't feel like killing the first person who talks to me.  

What has changed? Nothing, really. 

Except my mindset (more like resigned to the inevitable but nevertheless). I planned. I set the alarm to wake up early enough. I treated every Monday as a fresh start, another push to reach my goals, another chance to redeem myself. 

And that seems to have made all the difference. 

And out of the blue, I remembered one of those quotes from school:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 

I cringe even as I type it down because it could not be more funda-ey, even if it tried. But fact remains that it is the truth. And it took me this long to understand that all those times I was telling myself that I live on the fly and planning was not for me, I was simply kidding myself. Planning doesn't necessarily have to even be on paper/ fancy app/ planner/ random whatever with lines and time schedules and whatnot that I will ALWAYS abhor. It can simply be being prepared mentally and aligning your mind in the right direction.  

And tada! Mondays are not manic anymore and Murphy can go stick it you-know-where.

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