30 Jun 2016

The Month That Was - June ‘16

My FitBit daily average has been 13k steps. And three liters of water a day. ‘Nuff said. Third longest streak I’ve had in this lifetime, are things in my head shifting around finally?

I had one whole week to write and I wrote NOTHING. No inspiration means no inspiration, no two ways about it, no? (see how many ‘no’s there are) And I am struggling like crazy for my story plots as well. July has to bring my writing juju back.

Chocos and mangoes for lunch for a week :D I feel like I’m going to be reprimanded and then I remember I am an adult :P

People who work and possess the cooking-dinner-at-home-every-day skill, please teach me, Maesters?

Traffic has been the worst this month; the last three weeks people have been stuck on the roads for two hours straight for a 20-minute commute. I'm seriously considering shifting houses but I can't decide how to prioritize: if I move close to work I will have to forgo convenience and entertainment, I wouldn't mind because my social life is restricted to weekends and I wouldn't mind riding 20 kms into town one or two days a week but having EVERYONE deliver home, easy access to groceries, and three million places to eat within a 1.5 km radius has spoilt me.  

The rains!! I’ve had to wear socks to bed twice this month. Do you have any idea how happy this makes me :D I could give a flying foodiddlydee about the muck and the mess. No really.

A couple of memorable weekends. Finishing a tower off with the Roommate and then running back home (literally) because we had to pee so bad. Stuff that is going to make me smile when all things have changed, and I’m glad for that.

The month just whizzed by, dinnit? Feels like it. Which basically means, full nights, fuller days. And I’m not complaining as long as I’m going forward.

Books Read: Three
Kilos Lost: One
Posts Written: Five
Photos Taken: Five

Thank you for being interesting, June.
Hello July, how you doin'? ;)