20 Jul 2018

Curtains Down

I'm done with this place, after all these years :) I was this opinionated, starry-eyed twit with a buttload of dreams of becoming a writer (because of the feedback I got on the stuff I wrote here) and very few fears. Now I'm older and less naive and super cynical and too different from the girl who used to write Confessions of the Chocolate Obsessed to stay on here. It doesn't make sense for me to try and live up to the expectations of all those people who dropped by and said, "PeeVee, I LOVE how you write <3." I'm truly sorry if I disappointed anyone.  

I moved here but that is not the same writing as in this blog, I'm never becoming a professional blogger in any capacity, I'm never going to be able to keep up with the Joneses and still be able to write. So that is more or less just a safe space to blabber, I may probably never write fiction, or badpoetry, or take up another blogger challenge that I am so adept at abandoning halfway.

Thank you, those who stuck around. Thank you, those who said so many nice things, that I may or may not have deserved. 

(for the last time as) 


  1. I'll miss this space of yours even though I follow you on your other one. I met you here first and you'll always be PeeVee who was chocolate obsessed to me <3

  2. To me you will be the girl I secretly blog stalked here - but I also equally love the new space. I’ll miss this place because there was nice comforting soul food here. But you do you. Lots of love!


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