19 Mar 2018

Pongifying Pheelings


What a weekend it was. Ammu said we meet to part, and every parting is painful, and left for home, I love how much that makes sense. Then I walked around in the hot sun, intending to go to one place and ending up in another altogether. I ate SO so much, got tipsy, met my people, had our usual conversations, picked each other up, took pictures, ate skillet cookies in the middle of the night, and said our last byes before our lives change in little big ways. 

Yesterday felt like a bend in the road. Like one of those times that we will look back on and say, you know what, that was the last time we did this particular thing together, laugh at how amazing, how silly, letting it sink in how absolutely necessary we are to each other. 

I also realized how thankful I am for my person. It has been a tumultuous ride and he's been the perfect foil, almost unknowingly. I keep worrying (him and myself) about our differences. But then, if he'd been any different, we wouldn't have worked, now I know this. I got lucky in this, I really did.  

My current life is annoying and grump-inducing is so many ways. But it is also amazing in ways that matter. 
Be blue in the face, Monday. 
Even your gifts of a killer hangover and absolutely fucked up traffic can't mess with me today. 


  1. You know what I like about you? The way you don't forget the good bits even though life doesn't seem all fine. That's the thing that will keep you together. Hope the next few days are fantabulous.

  2. Something I really needed today. Leaving a comment again as a secret admirer who looks upto your posts when the chips are down. Thanks much :)


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