1 Mar 2018

The Month That Was January + February 2018

January was a tornado of great food and random conversations (family came to stay with me) but well-disciplined and focused (if you know me at all, you'll know why this is both funny and super impressive) - I absolutely slayed my resolutions throughout the month with pretty decent progress. February was truly a goddamn blur, it has passed by before I could say bananahammock and I didn't do jackshit, except eat half a kilo of pretzels at one go (I stopped only when my friends confiscated the bag). Fell off the resolution bandwagon (predictably), but SURPRISE SURPRISE, I'm back on track! 

I set myself an 18 in 2018, and I did think about sharing it over here for accountability. But then, I didn't want to jinx it (I have a history of doing that). I'll probably post it in December with a progress (if any) + lessons + roundup, and that will have to do. 

Finished my 101 in 1001 as well. Or rather, the time ran out on that party. I wanted to do a roundup but then it'd be too long a post and I'd fall asleep just trying to write it. Updated the page with my wins and losses; the biggest two lessons I have from that experiment is 1) I have come a long way in these 1001 days (in a way I hadn't realized), and 2) I set myself some really pointless goals. I know what NOT to do the next time I make any sort of list.    

I've been reading like a fiend; probably the realization that 100 books in in 365 days is probably a not very wise number considering the sheer amount of other stuff I need to get done in the same 365 days. A huge life upheaval is looming large and woe me, for I have set myself very lofty tasks. Hit me on Goodreads if you want a peek into what I'm reading, mostly just serial killer stuff, from the looks of it :O It's a phase, I think. Don't ask. But one thing I AM consciously doing is not picking up anything with less than 3.5 rating, NO patience to deal with crap (as opposed to last year). The worst one I've read yet is still a solid 3 and that makes me happy :)   

My Instagram game is getting on like donkey kong; I'm in the process of trying to theme it AND attempting a #Project365. Go see! And tell me what you think about it? 

March is here; I don't remember the last time the beginning of a month was so blah and a tax season being as brutal. Some stuff happening on the work front that is messing with my head and I hope I shake this off before I get back to office on Monday. If I don't, well, God save my writers. And if I do, God save my soul. I've realized there is no winning this game. 

In other, less depressing/more cheerful news, Nanditha has finally kitchened about, so go give her a cheer; she is a prime example of amazing people I have met on Instagram. 

I'm also totally stealing her monthly favorites round-up idea. 


Book - Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine (still gives me slight shudders)

Song - Udd Gaye (Thank God for AIB for finding RitViz)

Website/Channel - Penn Money (not necessarily a January favorite, I've been subscribed since she probably started, but Lavanya Mohan's financial advice is stellar. Also, I've had a crush on her since her Coconut Chutney days) 

Movie - The Hitman's Bodyguard (this was such a hilarious movie, Reynolds and Jackson are an epic couple) 


Book - The Rooster Bar by John Grisham 
(he was my favorite author at one point, I remembered why)

Song - This weird little one, CANNOT GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. 
I heard it first on Banjaran Meher's clip, she so good *drooool*

Website/Channel - Soulpancake 
(I want to discuss this further, so I'll write a post)

TV Show - Designated Survivor 
Though Keifer Sutherland's heart and mine broke at the same time.

That's it for now, then. 
Sup March, don't be fuckall, okay? 

Did I mention I'm in a very blah de funk*? Send some hugs, okay? 


  1. Trust you to do a round up of two months at one go. :)

    Hugs. March will be better. I'm loving Nanditha's round up series too. Such a sweet idea!

    As for goals you're already slaying most of them. And yes, your IG game is on point.

  2. I love your writing, loving your insta and love that you're reading so much! Good on you for getting back on track with resolutions! And John Grisham used to be my favourite author a long time ago too...must read him again.

  3. Man I had such a great plan for following through on the Project 365 (ANY project 365!) this year but NO SUCH LUCK. On the flip side, that is because of sudden life and career changes I could not be happier about so its okay. I guess?

    Also, I would do faves if I actually spent my free time doing literally anything else outside of bingewatching shows. It has gotten to a point where I actually have an unread Batman comic lying around *gasp the blasphemy gasp*

    I like that the commenting is back again, or did I already leave that comment elsewhere? 30 seems too young to be forgetting things but who even knows with me :P


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