23 Jan 2018

Her Last Goodbye #cookiereads

ISBN: 154204796X
Pages: 334
Published: 2017

You know what I did? Something blasphemous to a reading purist. I peeked. 
20% into the book I peeked at the last few pages to find out who did it.
And you know what else? I don’t regret it.
Neither did it ruin the book for me because I’d already pretty much guessed who it was, considering this book followed the same pattern as its predecessor.  

Her Last Goodbye is the second book in the Morgan Dane series by Melinda Leigh. It picks up a couple of months after Say You’re Sorry. Another crime to solve keeps the bunch of them on their toes and the background story of the main lead is also taken forward. 

I was underwhelmed though. The pot boiled, the killer was caught, and Dane's instincts did not shut up. What's <yaaaaaaawn> new? 

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about the book. Just very, very average.  


1) One scene was so well-written, I broke into goosebumps immediately. That’s always a sign of good writing for me. The rest of the book may not have been as great in terms of writing/language but it served the purpose (meaning: there weren’t crap typos and bad sentence formations to read through)


1) Dane’s relationship with Lance crossed over to being trite at some point, I found myself skipping the romance bits (I’d originally rooted for them, now its just M&B stuff)

2) As with the last book, the killer’s motivations could have been taken further. I’d liked to have been creeped out more, considering the character was extremely creepy

3) I’m tired of reading about how the characters lacked sleep and caffeine. No really, just sleep already. And I’m also tired of hearing about how much Dane cares about her family. Random thought: I wonder if this angle would have been explored this much if the lead was male 

Cookie Rating: 

(I'm going too easy with the ratings no?)

Pick it up: For very random timepass. Or as a filler between big reads. 
As much as it pains to leave it unfinished, I’m dropping the series. 

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