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10 Jan 2014

Love Unbounded

She laughs heartily at my jokes - jokes designed, exaggerated and enacted to get that precise reaction out of her and when she laughs, crinkles appear at the corners of her beautiful brown eyes while she absently brushes away the bangs that are her trademark.
She believes in me with a will – I doubt if anyone else will ever believe in me and my abilities and the person I am like she does – and she thinks I’m the best ever, which in itself makes me want to be better, do better, just for her.
She loves me so much that it almost hurts, hurts to think that I might fail that love.
She is so very cool – she thinks that a live-in relationship will help two people understand enough about each other to ensure that the subsequent marriage works.
She’s who I call Momsuey, the only person in the world I love unconditionally.  

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