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30 Sep 2015

#99ThingsThatMakeMeScreamForJoy. Or Something Like That. [Part 2]

Here is the second set of my happy things. Read the first part here. Also, share yours!

16) Raheja Arcade for such cheap, excessively comfortable ‘home’ clothes.

17) Sandy’s hugs.

18) Annaemi’s food. And support. In whichever order.

19) Nameet’s conversations.

20) Sitting on aforementioned couch with SO and watching ‘our’ show/s.

21) Begging SO for tea on weekend mornings.

22) That rajma from ChaatWaala. By God, it’s the best I’ve had and it’s an addiction.

23) Seeing the scale shift even a wee bit to the left.

24) Being able to support myself without having to depend on ANYBODY

25) Being able to recharge for mum/bro/sis whenever I want

26) Sweet comments by blog friends (such as Shy)

27) Arpitha’s and Aathira’s posts/ pictures

28) My poor battered phone, a present from Uncle, cherished and used and overused, till a point where I would truly be lost without it.

29) Exes. For making me strong. (Despite all the mindfuckery, I think I can deal with any emotional beating, thanks to them)

30) Blossoms Book House. Haven <3 be continued.