29 Dec 2011

Gah! To You Mr. '11

P.S: In this post, the P.S come first.

P.P.S: I have another post scheduled for 31st, so this might be the last time this year that I’m posting in person. Don’t flay me if I don’t reply to comments for my darling of an uncle is coming tomorrow after three years and I fully intend to spend every second I can with him before I have to leave to college.

P.P.S.S: People around Blogger have been saying wonderful stuff about me, compliments showered about my writing and the person I am. I don’t know whether I live up to even half of those, if I deserve any of it even, but do know that it means a whole two dozen pure, blood-red roses to me. Thank you, with every bit of chocolate obsessiveness.

P.P.P.S.S: You want to know what happened when Chandana let me loose on her pretty blog? Here. Oh, and read this too, just for year end el-oh-els :P


Dear 2011,

You have been, by far, the most disappointing year in recent times. I kept my expectations low, for 2010 was dismal and you, somehow, still managed to not measure up.

Happy moments were but a blip on the radar with the bad ones leaving a distinct and cloying aftertaste. I became a doormat, one that will let people walk all over her and still want to ‘sort it out’. You made me lose friends who I actually thought would last. You kicked me in the gut when I was down and sulked when I was happy. You screwed around with my head so many times that I even started questioning if I’m really who I think I am.

You destroyed annihilated all my summer plans, big and small, almost gave me a heart attack for two whole weeks in October, made the whole of November crappy. You also gave me a measly A- on my favorite Sir’s paper (I’m NOT bragging for I expected a roaring 100% on it, for it is the only subject I even make an effort). It makes me want to question your sanity a little bit. You gave me back pain. Are you kidding me? And as a bonus, you gave me five friggin’ kilos; are you or are you not aware that I’m only 5’2” and I will look like Spongebob minus the cuteness-factor if I put on more? Shame on you, really.

But you gave me blogs and for that, you shall be respected for that and that alone.

But don’t ever expect any fondness from me because I promised you a standing ovation and, in return, all I got was a poke in the eye.

You say GAH? I say double GAH to you.

Not-so-much love, not even a little bit of it,


  1. A Different concept :P
    Happy new year ahead !
    Most importantly I am not leaving my blog link here(only in your blog) :)

  2. Ooooh Itna Gussa! 2011 was the most happenning year of my life! Many things happened...
    And A- ?...I dont even remember the last time I saw tht! And home to back ache is no more. Spongebob without the cute factor..teeeeheheheheheheheh!!

    1. Humm! Itna Gussa! Interesting post, Isn't it! After all I enjoy to read.

  3. Aww! Don't worry 2012 will be rocking! :D :* :)

  4. Blogging was my main highlight of 2011 too. I really hope 2012 is better for you.

  5. Every year brings us some good and some bad. Just that we don't see the good when filled up with bad. You have a wonderful year ahead, gurl! :)

  6. That was too harsh Peevee!
    2011 must be hurt real bad!

  7. Hope 2012 has a lot better to offer you PeeVee! Have a Happy and prosperous New Year! :)

  8. *Super tight backpain curing HUG* :* My 2011 sucked. I fell down so many times, learnt and saw people in new light....but also found wonderful persons like you. :* <3 If 2011 was a man, I would kick it where it hurts the most. If it was a woman, I will bitch slap her. ^_^ Much much love to you!!! Oh and....Spongebob!! :D :D I think you will look cute - for your sake, MR. 2011, STOP peeveeing Peevee now!!! I will jinx you otherwise! Mwaah Mwaah Mwaah!!! :D

  9. Woah woah.. easy easy :D
    dont worry PeeVee.. next year is gonna be bashing for sure.. Happy New year :)

    P.S. You ARE a talented person with a good heart. And a great blogger whom I have always admired :)

  10. i think 2011 should be given a speeding ticket..went away way too fast man !!!

  11. That was a nice post so different from the usual! Not with standing the hiccups in bygone year, wishing you tons of happiness in the New Year!

  12. Aren't U are ADORABLE,PeeVee..and, may the post of Goodbye Mr.2012, be the exact opposite of this.
    P.s- i love how P.S,obsessed u are!
    PPS- For the trillionth time, i loveeeee how u write.Crisp. And Fun.

    Keep Walking!

  13. Aye! 2011 wasn't a great year for me either :) but I'm totally looking forward to 2012. And GAHGAHGAH to you 2010 ;)

  14. Haha. A- Tch Tch. Last time I saw one was when I was in 8th.

    And spongebob minus the cuteness el oh el. You have an EPIC imagination.

  15. Awwwwwwwww cammon!!

    2012 will be one hell of a rockstar year, take it from me. Mr 12 will shower you with so much love and happiness that you might ask for a break ;)

    Happy New Year lady and God Bless :)

    Lots of love and Muaaaahs,

  16. ooooiii this was so cute..
    2011 was not a great year for me too... pretty much the same points that you have.. buh whatever by Dec it filled my life with hope..so me is the happy's :D

    Btw itna gussa sehat ke liye acha nahi hai jaani.. take the cares ok :P.. have a happy 2012 :)

  17. Angry young woman, I am sure 2012 will bring in happy tidings :)

  18. Another instance of a year gone bad - I'm seeing such cases all around me! Here's to a better year ahead. :)

  19. i had a devastating 2010, too painful, extremely gloomy. But 2011, gave me much realization. That bad times had to comeby before the good days. 2011 wasn't a blasting year. But it was indeed mellow, i could breath,hope rised and little wishes got fullfiled. :-) the reason i told you that is to pump you up for 2012. itna gussa math kar, trust me.It'll be just smooth and good :-) happy new year pevee!

  20. awww...though the best part is that is gone! whoosh! time for a new beginning...and if everyone everywhere has nice things to say for you-you better believe them:-)

  21. Yeouchhh!!! Bad year is an understatement, eh!!! Dont worry, since u had to go thru 2 years of bad luck, 2012 is just gonna rock! I will pray for it to be the opposite of 2011 for sure!!! :) Dont worry!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  22. Aww! the post's anger is cute esp since i keep looking at the angelic baby with her ever so cute pout

    yup,in many ways, 2011 sucked. esp with all the deaths of some great personalities who followed each other in a hurry

    but blogs is something we all are thankful for :)

  23. 2011 has been a mixed bag for me..professionally and personally it was great till a few months ago now like you said I'm question who or what am I!!! I too got blogs and some amahzing friends in the blogsphere :D this year so I won't show the finger yet to this year.

    Yappy Pudu Year Twiny...
    <3 <3 <3

  24. haha :D Aren't you the cutest ?

    I wish 2012 relieves you of all evil and loves you like crazy ;)

  25. Awww...you are so gaplu wala sawweeet!!

    And this post reminds me of my first letter to life in which I shamelessly puked out all of my frustration regarding 2010.

    And you know what, I believe that these things do work. As in my case, after that letter, things did turn in MY direction. =)

    And I so wish the same for you too miss. :)

  26. My 2011 happened to be exactly same as yours.. Hope incoming 2012 will do justice to us, without getting influenced by the stooooopid 2011.

    That kid in the pic is super cute :)

  27. Cheer up, woman ! May 2012 be filled with chocolates, good cheer, friends , good health , shots of vodka and A pluses..Happy New year !

  28. lighten up in your mood girl!...nothing can be worse now, it will only get better. and who says 2011 is the be-all and end-all of your life?
    its fun time, its a good time,,,lighten your heart,step into the new year with loads of optimism! M sure you will do great :)

  29. I am trying my BEST to resist saying this year was bad. Because I hate admitting it. Hate the fact that 2011 won and I dint. But after reading your post.. well.. no love is lost on this year.
    Next year WILL be awesome. It HAS TO. You and I will have a blast. In our separate lives. Or maybe even together if we get to meet!
    But 2011 gave us blogs.. totally agree on that! At least this was there or else I would have buried myself!
    And the last line.. am pakka using it in my post! LOL!

  30. http://randomrahul.blogspot.com/2011/12/something-for-you-guys.html Left something for you..:-)

  31. Aww, some years suck like that. I know, I've had plenty of crappy years myself. Hope 2012 will be much better and all your hopes, dreams and desires will be fulfilled. Happy New Year!

  32. yeah the mandatory cribbing about the passed year and hope for the new one.typical human. GAAAH from my side too :P CHEERS!

  33. Aw! Come on!
    I hope this year turns out great for you :)

  34. awww....come on... not that bad, was it? hehehe.... this, by far was the sulkiest farewell I have seen! And you just have to go to my blog and read my farewell note to understand why I am laughing!

    Hope 2012 doesn't disappoint you!

  35. my 2011 pretty myuch sucked. readin that yours sucked too doesnt give me any pleasure.. but yeah, the way you've written it makes me say i enjoyed reading it


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