6 Nov 2014

NaBloPoMo - Tonight

Tonight, I will be me.

Tonight I shed the inhibitions that society foists on my persona, telling me to be a certain way because it is cool, telling me not to say things which are not.

Tonight I break out of the mould that the world has cast me in, to make me easier to categorize, to fit me into a convenient ‘type’.

Tonight I walk out of the binds of tradition and religion, the chains which wind themselves around my feet – they started when I was a child and now they have become too tight, they hinder my steps, leaps and bounds.

Tonight I shatter the judgments that humanity has cast on me, I rip off the labels and the tags that trail around in my wake.

Tonight I tear apart the stereotype that I ‘belong’ to, I wring out the lessons I learnt to ‘fit in’ and cast away the cloak I hide me in. 

Tonight I step out of the stilettos that society has me wearing, to make my butt look shapelier in the fancy pencil skirt, for they say, a desirable woman should have a shapely butt.

I let the green grass caress my bare feet, I feel the wind rushing through the unbraided locks of my hair, the lips are devoid of the “color-of-the-season”, the eyes are bare and the clothes lack a fancy label.

The feeling of comfort that spreads through my veins, through my person, is a better high than any substance can ever give me. This is the best present I can give myself, to be me.

For tomorrow is a battle I intend to win.


  1. I wish to be her. Bold and fearless :) And tonight, I too shall be!

  2. I am her and I shall always be! :)

  3. Good for her. :) And I like that last message. Tomorrow is a battle that can be won once we let go of the past and the chains placed on our present.

    1. Uh huh... And the sooner we realize and let go, the better..

  4. This was amazing :) Brought out the feeler in me!

  5. This is so difficult to do... But then, determination can make you do anything..."For tomorrow is a battle I intend to win"
    Very nice...

    1. True, we have to condition ourselves into letting go of all the baggage that we carry to ensure that we know what we are and what we are capable of. Long journey but we should definitely keep trying :) Thanks, S :)


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