17 Nov 2014

Sunday Mornings

My eyes flutter open. My lashes are still heavy with sleep and my breathing is still making that transition.

The first thing I see is you, sprawled on your tummy with your face turned towards me. I smile at this very clich├ęd, very poetic scene: a ray of sunshine is creeping in through my chocolate brown curtains dappling your face with a single streak of light across, your small snores and the fast swish of the fan are the only noises that break the silence of Sunday. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason, I decide.

It is comfortably cold, the kind that makes me tuck my toes in securely. I lift my head up half an inch to check if you are cold, if you need a podapu*. But I see that you have purposely stuck your feet out of the covers, one of your many little idiosyncrasies, one of many that come together to make you, you.

I smile sleepily: those moments when you are being you flit hazily through my mind – insistent hand movements that you make when you are talking about someone at work who you specifically don’t like, the yikes face when you realize you have forgotten to do something that I asked you to, the helpless face when I’m crying about family, the smile that sneaks out when you see me search absently for my phone with one hand while the other is clutching  a book which has my nose buried in it, the way you flop onto the bean bag with a thud that always earns a scowl from me….

That thread of thought leads to another, less pleasant one: all those times when I have, hands on hip, yelled at you for things that you don’t do and shut you up with sheer, unadulterated, acidic temper. I immediately feel sorry for you, for having to deal with it… It takes even more out of me because you almost never react till I shut up for good about it. I’m thankful, I’m grateful.

I know if I wake you up now, you will drag me all the way to Church for half the day. So I’m quiet as a mouse, I give myself up to the thoughts flitting around again; they don’t really make any noise, either.

You mutter something about a costing report in your sleep and I say pffft involuntarily – your obsession with work is something that I will never understand. But I have a feeling that I’m mirroring you in my career, I aspire to be you…. That’s gotta be a good thing, right?

I realize that I don’t question this anymore – there used to be a time when my face had a smile for you but my head was bursting at its seams with questions – I don’t know when those questions faded away, though. Have I learnt to go with the flow? Or have things just solidified, like truth or a fact, like how the sun will never rise from the west?

I am overwhelmed, suddenly, when I realize that for once in my life, I’m at the right place at the right time.  I’m where I’m supposed to be. So I touch the wood on headboard superstitiously, silently thank my stars and shut my eyes tight, before snuggling in a little closer. This moment is mine and I promise myself that I will get it right this time.

*podapu: duvet

P.S: NaBloPoMo is obviously shot to hell. Sigh.
P.P.S: I want this to happen to me. Double sigh.


  1. What a beautiful morning that is. And so vividly described. Loved the PPS.

  2. That has happened to me :) Like her, I touch wood too ;) I'm sure better things are in store for you. Or maybe Sunday mornings just like these <3

    1. D'awwww :) You should write about it sometime :)

  3. I too want this to happen to me. :P

    I paused a minute when you mentioned church. I feel like ages since I last went on a Sunday.

    But, awesome. I mean Wow. I mean Fantastic. I mean mind-numbing. I mean, okay I guess I am out of words here. But you get the point right?
    I so envy you. Totally.

    1. :D Don't we all?

      Eeeps, wrong person to talk to *hides face*

      Heehee, thanks a lot :) You keep saying these things and I can't seem to accept that they are meant for little old me's writing :|

    2. :)
      Yes,we all do.

      *Already hid myself behind the curtain*

      Are you kidding me? You are totally awesome at writing. Did I mention I envy you? That's for this sort of awesome writing. Don't belittle yourself. You are actually very very very good at this.

      Oh wait, who's old ?

  4. A beautiful morning... To wake up beside loved one!
    Very descriptive and I could feel what you felt and see what you saw!

    1. Thanks, S :) It would be a beautiful morning, indeed :)

  5. I am grateful I have this in my life. Every word touched my heart and made me touch wood. My, you are one hell of a romantic.

    May you get this soon :)

    1. D'aawwwwww :) touchwood, indeed :)
      And yeah, discovering the sappy side yet again :P

  6. Hey there, I found you via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

    As part of NaBloPoMo I try to comment on as many participating blogs as I can, and I am also adding participating blogs to my feed reader. So I’m just dropping by to let you know I’ve added your blog to my feedreader, whenever you publish a post I will see it. :)

    I have created three bundles on Inoreader so that bloggers can easily visit other participating NaBloPoMo bloggers which you can find a few posts back on my blog.

    Your blog is in the second bundle.. I also have a link up going at my place so my readers can find participating blogs which you are more than welcome to add your blog link to.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts. You may see me drop by again during November, but it might be December before I finish my first drop by to blogs if I don't get faster at leaving comments. :)

    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!

    1. Hey, thanks for dropping by! :) And thanks for letting me link back but sadly, I couldn't complete NaBloPoMo:(

  7. I have had such moments but I need more of it! You make me want to have it again and again :D

    BTW< you have been tagged here: http://soumya-hintofme.blogspot.in/2014/11/present-able.html

  8. PeeVee... I read all the posts, but this one! This one is just awesome. And realized how much I miss reading your blog posts. This one is so lovely <3

    Every word sounds so real (wink wink)


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