26 Oct 2015

#99ThingsThatMakeMeScreamForJoy. Or Something Like That. [Part 6 - The Last One. Sheesh]

76) Nutella!! But I’ve been off Nutella for three months now for this :’(

77) Drives with SO

78) Coldplay songs

79) Colored hair! Brown, check. Red, check. Next stop, purpaalllll :D

80) Haircuts from Ole

81) Laughing babies. Nothing like it

82) Realizing how far them and I have come in our respective relationships every now and then. We have known some people since we were in school, we have known some for barely two years. But some relationships just click and it makes me happy to sit and wonder at how strong we are

83) Amma's unconditional-ness. Nothing I say or do can push away this woman. I wonder what I ever did to deserve her

84) Completing SO's sentences and creeping him out :P

85) The smell of saambraani that fills home at twilight. No idea what it’s called in English (Googled, I *think* its wild turmeric? Someone enlighten me)

86) Statement pendants and rings, I LOVE THEM

87) Foot rubs and back rubs. Sigh.

88) Finding old stuff – notes, letters, cards, money, keepsakes, anything. I hoard like a squirrel in the hope that I’ll find something sometime in the future that will make me smile

89) Waking up early. I’m the opposite of a morning person, never have been, never will be (I suspect). But once I’m up, I absolutely adore mornings. The nip in the air, the quiet, the sun rise, and the world coming to life. I LOVE being up before 6

90) No-drama relationships. I have a few in my life and boy, am I thankful for them

91) Funny YouTube videos. Meaningful YouTube videos. Amazing YouTube videos. Basically YouTube videos

92) New Year’s Day!! So full of possibilities! A chance to do it better this time, do it right. Always feels like my slate’s been wiped clean

93) WATER BODIES. I probably was a fishy last birth

94) Writing a good story/ good post. Addicted to that feeling

95) Dreaming of travelling. Making plans to travel. Looking forward to that day

96) The yin and yang relationship we share. I’m good at what he is not, he’s good at what I’m not

97) Lace. I have an obsession

98) Spaghetti straps. Never been able to wear them. Determined to at some point in the very near future

99) Pretty lingerie. Swoon.

And FINALLY, I be done :) There. Writing this itself made me happy :) Maybe this thing really works eh :) Go on, you do it too.... Its worth it. Definitely worth it. 

P.S: No more posts in October because I'm determined to finish NaBloPoMo in November. DETERMINED.


  1. #94 I can so relate to that one. So very well. Oh and I love sambraani too!

  2. Laughing babies be the cutest :)
    All the best with NoBloPoMo. I am also thinking of doing it, but not sure what to write :(

  3. I want purple hair too! :D

    Also, I want to take up the NaBloPoMo challenge this year! Let's see! :)

  4. Yes to Nutella. Yes to good posts. YES to the hoarding habit. I might have taken it too far and kept a lock of hair after my lil' bro's haircut when he was around 1 or 2 years old .... I don't know. I'm irrationally sentimental at times.

  5. How i miss Nutella. It was my staple breakfast for about a year and a half. Every single weekday morning.

    Sambrani smells divine no? Even i have no clue what its called in any other language. But i could keep inhaling it forever.

    Love this series of yours! Its making me want to list down things that make me happy too. Will do it soon.


  6. laughing babies are always better than crying ones :P I louuuve foot massages :D
    Good luck for November challenge

  7. Read all the 99 things at once and all your words have left me happy :D
    Goodluck with the challenge!
    What is about?


Go on, you can say it.