3 Aug 2016

Fragile Lives [BarAThon Day 3]

My grandma has a very green thumb, so green that my home has an Amazonian tree cover and plants covering every available bit of land around. So when I moved into a place of my own, I decided I’d have my own minuscule garden, just so that I have a little green around to soothe the eyes when I come back covered in traffic soot and grime. 

My very first attempt was a little money plant, who I named Chikun. I stuck her unceremoniously outside the window through the grille when she first came home because, sunlight yo. Then the summer came around and we started hitting 42 degrees, so I unceremoniously pulled her back in after a while because she didn’t need that much sunlight also. 

She’d grown a little bit by then and I patted myself on the back every time she sprouted new leaves. 
But then, after a few days, I discovered that though Chikun was growing in length, her leaves were disappearing. I was wondering if they were falling off because she was dying but no, her stalk kept growing and she was double the size by then.  

I kept an eye on her but I still couldn’t explain the lack of leaves on Chikun until I stayed home one entire weekend and witnessed first-hand what carnivores do when mum is not around <refer to illustration>. Redundant to mention that it was the end of my green thumbing dreams, I suppose.

Recently, someone in a cafĂ© handed me this Tulsi in a pot as a takeaway and I eyed it longingly. I hoped and dreamed of green thumbing again. But no, the catows (cats+cows) remain undeterred. 

Plants live very fragile lives in my household and it is not even my fault. Sigh.