7 Aug 2016

Promise [BarAThon Day 7]

I promise not to judge when I see someone wearing green pants with an orange shirt – if they love it, who am I to question that?

I promise not to judge women who choose to have children early – just because their personal choices are different from mine doesn’t mean I can measure them with my own yardstick?

I promise not to be a book snob – loving Chetan Bhagat is not a crime, he made an entire generation buy books, didn’t he? 

I promise to take imitation as a form of flattery – the biggest punishment for them not giving me credit is that they will always know in their hearts that they weren’t capable of an original dream.

I promise to give my opinion only when specifically being asked for it – there are too many on social media already, why add to the chaos?

I promise to leave more comments everywhere – just because some people lack the grace to accept positivity, should I have to deprive those whose work I truly love? 

I promise to always look for both sides of the story before forming an opinion – what I hear might be only the tip of a mammoth iceberg with more complications than I can imagine. 

I promise not to give a flying fuck – the beauty of people is that you can be amazingly famous or utterly insignificant and someone will still have a problem with something you said/ did.