6 Aug 2016

Wishful Thinking [BarAThon Day 6]

I wish I were on the window ledge of my old house. I wish it were raining outside. I wish Shaeba came and curled up on my feet. I wish Dad asks me I am reading and strikes up a conversation over coffee he made for me. I wish Mum would fall asleep for 12 hours straight every night. I wish I could call my brother overseas to congratulate him on acing all his papers. I wish I could see my sister on stage. I wish I could see Achhu put on a pair of Aviators and take off like a boss. I wish I didn’t need to promote myself to have my work seen. I wish everything was based on merit. I wish I could believe in marriages whole-heartedly. I wish the cookie was more chewy than crumbly. I wish everyone had equal opportunities. I wish I leave a lasting impression on someone’s life. I wish someone learnt something from me, just as I learnt from them. I wish I had more time to paint like Twisha and Roanna. I wish I could take photos of food for a living. I wish everyone would just be and just love, instead of posturing and preening.

I wish the Universe listens to all the wispy sighs of hopes and dreams and wants and needs that all of us send out every day. 

Purple Rain for the WIN!!