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16 Apr 2015


So clearly, the A-Z Challenge is shot to hell and back – don't worry, I've slapped myself for taking it up right in the same month I joined a new job and also, lost my laptop. I couldn't even schedule posts to cheat and get through the challenge but I did write a few posts. I guess I'll just put them up at random.

Y'all know how obsessed I was with chocolates. I named my blog after it, for heavens’ sake.
You read it right. I said was. Before anything else, let me tell you I didn’t give up on my one true love by choice. It was fate. Fate always has the last say, clearly.

You know the worst thing that can happen to a person who loves chocolates? Diabetes. No, don't panic, I don't have diabetes. Yet. That was just for effect. You know the second worst thing that can happen to a person who loves chocolates? I do. It is that current thing that runs through your teeth when you try to crunch ice cubes? Yeah. That. I get that when I eat Twix bars. Just when I thought life couldn't get any crueller.

There lies buried in the annals of life my love story with chocolate. I don't even know who I am anymore.

P.S: Clearly, today is lets-step-up-the-drama-on-tiny-insignificant-things day. And withdrawal-symptoms day. Did anybody miss my disconnected randomness? :P
P.P.S: Who else loves House? Put your hands in the air and say wooohoooo :D