16 Apr 2015


So clearly, the A-Z Challenge is shot to hell and back – don't worry, I've slapped myself for taking it up right in the same month I joined a new job and also, lost my laptop. I couldn't even schedule posts to cheat and get through the challenge but I did write a few posts. I guess I'll just put them up at random.

Y'all know how obsessed I was with chocolates. I named my blog after it, for heavens’ sake.
You read it right. I said was. Before anything else, let me tell you I didn’t give up on my one true love by choice. It was fate. Fate always has the last say, clearly.

You know the worst thing that can happen to a person who loves chocolates? Diabetes. No, don't panic, I don't have diabetes. Yet. That was just for effect. You know the second worst thing that can happen to a person who loves chocolates? I do. It is that current thing that runs through your teeth when you try to crunch ice cubes? Yeah. That. I get that when I eat Twix bars. Just when I thought life couldn't get any crueller.

There lies buried in the annals of life my love story with chocolate. I don't even know who I am anymore.

P.S: Clearly, today is lets-step-up-the-drama-on-tiny-insignificant-things day. And withdrawal-symptoms day. Did anybody miss my disconnected randomness? :P
P.P.S: Who else loves House? Put your hands in the air and say wooohoooo :D


  1. Awww.. Poor you! I'm going through that chocolate phase that you have written about. My tooth too :( I feel for you, sister. I did miss you and your posts. So please post more often. I must watch House. It sounds like a great show!

    1. *one lone tear making its way down the left cheek*

      WUT?! Put that book away and go binge watch right now. NOW, I say.

  2. Oh so sorry for you :( I have the same problem with my tooth too. I get that tingling feeling whenever I take a bite into those gorgeous gulab jamuns and I love them :(

    Ps: I looove House :)

    1. Damn... Why is life so unfair?! *dramatic music*

      Eeep! :D

  3. Oh no,I feel for you! But don't give up, Drink hot chocolate and the like :)

  4. Three things: One. How did you "lose" your laptop?! (I asked the same incredulous question to my sister, only two days ago..) Anyway, two. That brain freeze you get because of the teeth and chocolate thing? I get it too.. I've learnt to brave my way through it.. and keep munching! :) "You are young, you will learn" (that last sentence, sing it like Johnny Depp from Sweeny Todd).. and finally three. You love House? Pshaw! Everybody lies!! You don't love House..

    I dropped in on your blog after ages! Good to read you after a long time!!

    1. 1) Heehee, it's not how it sounds :P No, I've been living off the company laptop the last three years which I had to return when I quit.. That's how I 'lost' the laptop...
      2) Keep munching through the pain? Woah :P Makes chocolate eating so much more motivational :P
      3) I love the show House. I hate House :P

      Haha, welcome back, man, and thanks :)


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