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16 May 2015

Don't Date a Girl....

…...who is smitten by wanderlust, you will find yourself pulled into a whirlwind of places and plans and sand and sun and long treks in the middle of nowhere and tea from roadside dhabas of questionable sanitary standards and mountain peak views in the early morn and dirty socks and unpacked luggage that is always ready to accompany the both of you on the next adventure. You will never have a meal on time or a made bed.

…..who writes beautiful words, you will be her muse, her source of storylines, the sense in her run-on sentences, the flicker in inspiration bolts that strike her in the dead hours of the night and the first person she wants her story to be read by and on the receiving end of seemingly cold silences while she taps away at the keyboard trying to get her character to act the way she wants it to. You will always get written into the plot, one way or the other.

…...who reads a lot, your tea will always be cold because she lost her way from the kitchen to the couch and resurface between pages two hundred and thirty five and two hundred and thirty six, and she will cry for hours on end for her literary beloved even when he doesn't die and won’t let you use her worn paperbacks as coasters even when it makes perfect sense to you and you will be treated to torrents of words that are in a hurry to escape her lips, trying to convey everything that the book made her feel once she has sighed and closed its last page. Her imagination will run amok, taking you with it on the joyride of a lifetime.

….who loves photography, she will make you wait with a spoon in your hand while the crème brûlée screams to be eaten and she will ask you to make ‘that’ face again making you wonder which face it was and she will love her camera more than you and she will capture moments in your life that fled you by but now are immortalized for you to cherish and she is always in search of the perfect setting and the perfect frame and the perfect everything while you feel sorry for the perfect you, but only until the Facebook profile picture she clicked for you gets a record-breaking number of likes. She will make you look good, she will show you frames of a person that is you but you never knew.

…..who loves food, you will never be sure what is on your plate and she will love Zomato more than she loves shoes and make you buy dessert alone for five hundred bucks and entice you into the world of midnight snacking and Nutella and need you to go with her when she compulsively tries every new restaurant in the vicinity and not let you get alarmed over your expanding waistline and you will understand that she celebrates or bemoans every single occasion with food. She is the simplest to deal with – when she is upset, offer her a cookie. And then one more. And then some milk.

Don’t date these girls, they are capable of bringing a brightness to your life, an addictive brightness that makes the dark seem darker when they aren't there to brighten it.