26 Jun 2015

Unsent Texts #2

I know I should have come. But should I have come even if it meant almost nothing to me? 

You have known my bluntness the longest; would you have rather that I came despite, and did some fake smiling, a bit of hated (by both of us) socializing and left? Or does it suffice that I wish you the very, very best with the path you have chosen for yourself? Do believe me when I say I wish for all your dreams to come true, that life works out for you, even when it doesn’t have me in it? 

I think about you all the time. 


  1. Sounds painful. True story? I hope not. But I suppose it could be someone's true story, if not yours.

    On a lighter note, your phone is huuuuge :P

    1. It is a text that I typed out and never sent :)

      No man, 4.5 inch screen, I guess its the angle :D

  2. I don't think there would be many people who could say they haven't wanted to send a text like this to someone in some context - but haven't. Definitely resonates here.

    And I second the 'your phone screen looks huge' comment =P

  3. That's bit unfair... When you say that
    "that life works out for you, even when it doesn’t have me in it? " ... I received somewhat same text and I am telling you its suicidal.

  4. Hmm... that must have been a tough one to write. Hope it was appreciated.

  5. This is so sad. We all have text messages we wished we had sent but didn't. Perhaps that is a good thing to not send them after all.

  6. That was a bit heavy but true.. Loved reading it :)


  7. Now, THAT would be something I would write. And, of course not send :)

  8. for some reason it's always these kinds of texts that are never sent... i know the feeling. do you believe yourself when you wish the best in life upon that person even if perhaps you are not in it? i'd like to think i mean it if i were to say it, but i think deep down, i don't.

  9. Sounds matured and perfect...
    Sometimes all that can do is pray and hope that the other one is happy!


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