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28 Apr 2016

Xanthoriatic (if you want a pretentious word)/ e(X)uberance (if you'll let me cheat)

She was a natural and had years of practise on different platforms. She wasn’t in the best of shape but she made up for it with the precision of her movements - she imitated the instructor to the ‘t’, maintained form, and was in perfect tandem with the beat of the song. She lasted throughout and finished off with a tired but accomplished smile on her face. Perfectionism paying off. 

Time taken: 33 minutes 08 seconds
Average heart rate: 138 pm
Calories burnt: 294 

He had two left feet. He couldn’t catch a beat to save his life. Any more than Grade 2 level choreography had him stumped - so basically all he was doing was flail about. Until he decided to have fun. Then he really went to town - he flailed about even more, had absolutely no form, jumped about imitating his favorite WWE star, and took frequent breaks to figure out how the music playing was different from the one in his head. He lasted throughout and finished out with a wide grin on his face. Exuberance paying off. 

Time taken: 33 minutes 08 seconds
Average heart rate: 155 bpm
Calories burnt: 422

Moral of the story: Having fun is more important than following the rules.

P.S: This is me (an exaggerated version) and the Roommate (an underplayed version). It is beyond cute to watch him dance :P