23 Feb 2017

I have a decent life, a VERY decent life. 
But today is one of those days, when I rake up the past in my head and make myself blue in the face with the "whys". How do I stop letting bygones mess with my head?
Any advice? Tips? I'll take even inspirational quotes. 

7 Feb 2017

2 Feb 2017

#GoalDigger - February '17

28 Jan 2017

Unsent Texts #4

24 Jan 2017

Kapoor and Sons

16 Jan 2017

10 things....

 ....I wish more people would do more often

9 Jan 2017

Sharp Edges

30 Dec 2016

Note: A round-up post ahead. Quiiite long, to say the least.
Ha. I wouldn't let 2016 leave without saying goodbye here, would I?