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1 Apr 2014

A – Adrenaline Rush

A-Z April Challenge
I have always been big on how I want to go bungee jumping, how I want to go see lions in Africa, how I will click award winning pictures of gazelles running, how I want to trek and climb and explore and how I want to go water skiing and handgliding and whatnot. Even as I type this out, I’m getting goosebumps thinking about the adrenaline rush that I will get if/when I do these things (it could also be the a/c that’s running in full blast that is saving me from being cooked like slow-roasted chicken in the Bangalore sun). 


I’m ALSO the same person who is scared shitless of ferris wheels – the last time I went to Wonderla, my friends were trying to get me to go on something that looked like this. Bloody monster. And it ended up in a tussle that wasn't dissimilar to the below.

But ultimately, I went. And I swear how I don’t know how I came off it alive, the ride really taught me to fear death (I know, dramatic. But I was scared out of my wits, alright). And thanks to all the screaming and yelling and tantrum-throwing to let me off it, I was hoarse for the next two days.


I seem to have gotten complacent after I have joined work and I’m ashamed to say I don’t even have one trip to my name in two years. Not one trip that I wasn’t ‘chilling’ at and actually doing the things that I wanted to on an adventure vacation. I have settled comfortably into an eat-sleep-work-repeat mode and I constantly keep giving myself the excuse of not having either time or money.

The point now is, this year I swore I would change some things. That I would be open to changing things in my life, that I would push myself to get out of the damn comfort zone and actually do something that I’m proud of. That I will have something more solid to show for 2014 rather than just having been happy with my personal life and having had a rewarding work life (like in 2013).

So I’m taking the first step towards that goal today, something that I have been obsessing over for 6+ years now. Nothing big, something that means a lot to me though. I can hardly keep my knee from bouncing up and down because of the nervousness. I keep hoping I will have the courage to see it through and not chicken out. And I hope it will be worthwhile.

So peeps, I get my first adrenaline rush today.
Wish me luck!
And if it is successful, you’ll hear about it tomorrow.