16 Apr 2014

N - New

New as in the new year, when I, yet again, am handed an opportunity to better my life, correct the mistakes I made in the last year and do better than I did the last year.

New as in new stationery which I have been getting excited about since forever – the smell of new pencils, the headiness of markers, the freshness of new notebooks to be written on with the crisp nibs of new fountain pens filled with fresh royal blue Chelparkink. All stored carefully in the pencil box/pouch of the year, bought specially for the year. 

New as in new members of my family – new kittens, puppies, bright-eyed and cute, learning the ways of the family and remaking old rules and eating from our plates despite everything (sorry non-animal lovers if you were grossed out). Bringing in new rules of curfew and food.

New as in a new relationship that lets me relive the butterflies of my first love, only in a whole new way. Learn new things, having new fights, doing new things together – looking at myself, my flaws that make me human, with a new pair of eyes.

New as in new books, the smell of new print, new words I learn, new stories, new possibilities, new plots – a world of new waiting for my mind to explore, waiting to enthrall me.

New as in new friends who you get to tell all your stories and embarrass yourself in front of, bond with and learn about – all leading to a point when you cross over from them being just friends and start calling them your own.

New as in a new project with your name all over it – full of potential for you to reach out and grab, to prove your mettle, achieve the ultimate goal of being irreplaceable in a corporate world which revels in being able to replace everyone.

New always means another chance. New always means starting over, starting afresh. New means another shot at getting it right this time over. 

I have decided I love new. 


  1. I have happy for you. For all that you mentioned. For the love! :)

  2. This made me fall in love with new, too. But leaving the old hurts like nothing else. Sigh!

    1. True :( But we can't change that about life so might as well accept it and make lemonade from whatever lemons we get.


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