11 Apr 2014

J - Jamus

Very tall.
Big built.
Slight tummy because of the affinity towards hot aloo parathas.
Great hair.

40% Mallu.
Stems from the love for beef and Kerala parotta.
60% Delhi-ite.
Complete with the obsession to find the perfect chole bature in Bangalore.
Loves talking.
Loves movies.
Movies like The Machinist and Dallas Buyers Club get his goat.
Has a list of Top 5 actors.
Can’t get through one page of a book. Sadly.

Thinks reading my posts are a chore -_-
Adores and relates to Modern Family.
Brilliant singer.
Deep singing voice.
Hopeless dancer.
Still dances with friends.
Respects women.
Over-performs at work.
Yeah, one of those.
Laughs a lot.
Complete social animal.
Big fat sloth.
Can sleep the entire weekend away.
Very sloppy with clothes unless the launderette is involved.
Dresses well.
Doesn’t like Italian food.
Use to type without dictionary mode till I showed up. (Blasphemous)
Extremely patient.
Sometimes grown-up.
Most times, actually.
The very opposite when sick.
Does not engage in arguments.
Capable of being holier-than-thou.
Walks off during a fight.
No ego problems.
Does not like cigarettes.
Loves beer.
Drinks it like Dom Toretto.
Tries to, anyway.

Might or might not play a big role in my life sometime in the future.


Go on, you can say it.