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2 Apr 2014

B - birthday, Birthday, BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Warning: disjointed post ahead.

April is my favorite month and the reason is the usual suspect, it’s my birthday month. I also would like to think that it is because it is the month of colors and spring, but who am I trying to kid, it IS because of the happy budday (:

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! *jumping round with very less lady-like-ness*

You know what the best part of this birthday has been? I keep saying ‘you have to do this, it’s my birthday’, ‘you have to be nice, it’s my birthday’ and people listen to me. It even worked on Red! :P So much fun…. But I need to stop, the power is getting to my head xD

After an hour of sweaty palms and racing nerves (this is what I was harping about yesterday), I finally went under the needle yesterday and got inked. And when I saw my tattoo there, etched on my skin, I knew I was hooked and I’ve made an appointment for the next month as well :P

Cheesecake from Heaven
I had the most amazing homemade cheesecake (I cut it with a huge ass steak knife with a tiny blue ribbon tied at the end, I don’t know why). When I find out who made that cake, I’m gonna put up the details here because I believe that if people have access to that kind of cheesecakery, then the world will be a happier place (because I have very high expectations of this blog being world-famous). Whaddya know, we might even solve a couple of problems like oil and corruption.

Yes, I place too much faith in food.

Last year, this day, I was at a mixed up place. I had people calling up and wishing me but I was feeling so crappy about myself that I convinced myself I didn’t deserve even new clothes on my birthday. This year I have a load of friends who have been leaving me out of the loop for the last two weeks because they have been busy planning the balloon-and-cheesecake surprise for me. I have mom struggling to stay awake and wishing me right at 12. I’m surrounded by people who genuinely care whether I have a good day or not.

And I thank God everyday for it.

I also realized that its been more than five years since I spent a birthday with my family. I have always been away and unable to go back on this day.

I have two very special people who have gone out of their way to make presents for me, like a collage and a handmade card. And write such lovely things about me (which I refuse to believe). I wonder what I did to deserve these two. (So for me, putting in all that effort to come up with a really personalized little something for someone’s birthday is the last word in showing them how much they mean to me. And I’m super glad and super grateful that they love me this much).

As you can see, my friends have amazing photographic skills :P This is the collage one of them made for me. THO CUTE.

And last but never the least, long lost classmates and people from school wished me on Facebook. Not like they remembered, I’m sure. But they took that effort. And I’m so glad they did. I never had issue with what other people call fake wishes – when they saw the notification, they were reminded of my existence and they took the time out to type ‘happy birthday’ - as simple as that. Neither do I have the time nor do I expect them to have the time to socialize and keep in touch more than that.

All in all it has been a good day so far. A day that had made me count my blessings.

I only wish all the people I love are in one place, rather than me having either Mom and the kids around or my friends.   

Sigh. Someday.

Happy birthday to me! *does a little dance*