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7 Apr 2014

F - Fake

Caution: I was going to write about Fart Jokes but circumstances had me thinking in another direction. Small, little impromptu rant here. Please bear with me.

I look around me and see so many people pretending to be what they are not. Ugly pouting, teens flashing skin in dresses that women twice their age should be wearing, people lying about their real selves, real lives, men trying a little too hard, the management going slightly overboard in their efforts to please, those speeches written carefully to make the workers at the bottom rung feel better about being overworked and under appreciated, the slightly forced smiles, the putting on of airs .... The list goes on.

Why aren't we just honest?

When the best friend shows up like candy floss, ain't it our duty to tell her rather than sparing her feelings rather than attracting comment from someone who will not care about her feelings? Why would you make 'friends' only to ensure that you had something to do during the weekends and to get invited to all the house parties? Why all the hugging and the kissing and the love, when all you really want is company for when your boyfriend/girlfriend is not around? Why lie about the cost of those shoes/handbags/whatevernot? Why spend so much money on branded clothes just so that you can talk about it in front of your friends? Why bother turning up at birthdays when you don't have five minutes to record a message for the birthday girl? (Not talking about myself, btw :P)

I'm not asking anyone to be rude, I understand that for people to get along, you also need to be mature enough to suck it up and deal with it sometimes. But those white lies. 

So you start with one small fake-ry. Then to cover that up you have to make up a back story. With that comes an attitude that no one really buys. After that comes the flurry of white lies to make the story sound authentic.... It is a cycle, really. One that doesn't fool anyone at the end of the day.

It is almost like lying. Wait. It IS lying.

I might not be a lot of things and God knows that I am flawed as much or more than anyone else but one thing I can proudly say is that I have never faked any emotion, compliment or action of mine. Or anything else for that matter. Though I have had this girl say that the person I claim to be on the blog is not the real person that I am, making me question myself, I am convinced, the more people I meet, the more life makes me experience, that I do not have it in me to fake it. With me, what you see is what you get. While most of the time that works against me, I can safely make statements like this on my blog and rest in peace that I write only what I believe in, that I live my beliefs.

I firmly believe in the policy of living and letting others live. Every philosophy and principle of mine has roots in that one policy. But when you see people faking everything right down to their very existence, trying to convince themselves that their opinions and tastes are superior, their lives itself are superior (in comparison to I-don't-know-what) I wonder if I should lose it to the frustration I feel or switch to ascetic mode (which a lot of people have suggested but for the dragon with the temper that I am, it is very close to impossible).

Has it really come to this?
I still haven't found out the secret to dealing with fakes.
Have you?