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8 Apr 2014

G - Gay

I have never yet taken a stand on the blog, have I? It sure as hell wasn’t because I didn’t have an opinion. It is mostly because I don’t understand. 

I don’t understand why it is up to the law – why the law has the power to decide which two people can or cannot be together?

I don’t understand why people are so judgmental about something that they don’t even really understand?

I don’t understand why being called gay is an insult? (Closest of friends do this and it pisses me off immensely though I have learnt to keep my cool and choose my battles).

I don’t understand why it is considered to be less than manly to love another man?

I don’t understand why a lesbian is considered an easy lay? That she will most certainly be into threesomes as well? (Not even in a funny way)

I don’t understand why people can’t question their own sexuality without being either ostracized or called unstable?

I don’t understand why some men have such a big problem with other men being gay?

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t take being hit on a sign that you are attractive and not disgusting (men-hitting-on-men, women-hitting-on-women-context)?

I don’t understand how you can be so modern in your thinking and still whisper, “oh, you know what, I think he is gay” in that holier-than-thou tone?

I don’t understand why two people can’t just fall in love with each other regardless of caste, religion, nationality and sex

I don’t understand why you have to hate something that you don’t even understand?

 How can you not love this?

or this?

And if you can't accept it, then it just means that you don't really understand what love is.
As simple as that.