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10 Apr 2014

I - I & Me & More Me. Not Like You Have A Choice.

This is where I decide to be super-narcissistic and take the easy way out by doing an entire post about the failnomenon that is me (That's fail+phenomenon, in case you didn't guess). Though I have tried to keep me and my pratty self away with fiction and abstract posts, it’s going to have to come out some time or the other, eh. So presenting, 10 facts/things about me that you didn’t already know (and have been none the worse for it :P)
- Though I was very accomplished in bicycle riding, there was this one time when I tried to ride doubles with someone and ended up crashing into an old, old uncle on the road who was out for a walk after an operation. I got up, made sure he was okay, mumbled an apology and rushed away but, till date, I’m mortified by the incident and I wish I had apologized more, done more.
- I love smelling kittens. Please don’t judge me, they smell so much like babies, warm and cuddly and purry and clean and oh-so-mwah-able.
 - I cut off my best friend because she chose sides back in high school and I haven’t forgiven her till date.
- I don’t believe in dating. I thought I did but I don’t. It’s either a relationship or singledom for me.
- I cannot tolerate the amount of beauty products women have to use to stay supposedly lady-like. TOOMANYNAMESANDCREAMSTOKEEPTRACKOF!!
- I very rarely get jealous of other women. True story. Works out well for me and saves me the anguish of dissecting my feelings towards someone. *sniggers*
- I’m a very bad judge of character and I STILL get into trouble for it. And it doesn't look like I will learn any time soon.
- I can read spoilers and still read the book and enjoy it. I can listen to spoilers and still enjoy the episode. In fact, I check the plotline on Wiki before watching or reading anything to find out who dies/lives/gets married/has children/has amnesia/whatnot. The suspense distracts me but if I know what is going to happen, I watch with glee and complete attention. AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE NOBODY CAN SPOIL ANYTHING FOR ME EVER :D
- I’m not religious, not even a little bit. But I pray even before sending out an important mail. I believe in Karma, I guess, and a higher power.  
- I can be very funny and entertaining when I want to. But I mostly keep that side under wraps and let people think that I’m moody and quiet. I don’t know for what joy.
- I'm a very awkward conversationalist with a vast majority of people except those I'm on the same wavelength with.
Bonus: I can cut people off without a thought. Callously. Because almost always, I have trusted them and loved them and they have let me down. Big time.  
Bonus 2: I can’t play politics even if my life depended on it and it is THE WORST QUALITY to have in the today’s world.

P.S: I have missed the last couple of posts because I have been verra, verra ill with a case of tonsilitis for the nth time. I have posted them now with the right dates but I hope that's not cheating :( I really didn't want to write posts with antibiotics ruling my brain.