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15 Apr 2014

M- Medicines

Thanks to Mom and her ideas about what her children should eat and how their eating habits should be, I have always been as strong as a horse. Till now, i-e. 2014 which is the second year of me living by myself. 

Time and again, I have fallen ill and I have discovered that I am horrible at taking care of myself. Case in point: Despite a throat infection, I will go ahead and order two very icy ice teas. And anyone who tries to prevent me will either get a compelling puppy face or a temper tantrum. End result being an extra course of medicines and pain for me.

My deceptively colorful tonsil medicines

But though my trysts with typhoid this February or my affair with tonsillitis last week have not gotten me down mentally or psychologically, I now understand why my dear uncle and mum sign off every conversation with ‘take care of your health, that is most important.’ Because the moment you fall sick, your ability to do everything and anything comes to a standstill. You can have a billion dollars in the bank, a happening career, a great relationship, a wonderful bunch of friends, the most accomplished children, breath-taking beauty…. but without health, all of this is pointless. And that, in itself, is something that can send you spiraling into depression. 

Also, along with all the crap that you have brought on yourself (at least in my case), you put the people you love and care about through the ordeal of seeing you sick and helpless, not to mention all the additional work of taking care of an invalid (I know these people love us and care about us, it is no work for them at all but nurturing someone back to health is no joke) and for me, this is the worst part of the sickness. 

Well, hopefully, I have learnt my lesson and more healthy food will replace the double-cheese-extra-spicy-Bringa-special sandwiches (that I make in the office pantry, you should try it sometime) and hopefully, I won’t have to answer any more of the doctor’s uncomfortable questions because the helplessness that comes with being sick has truly shaken me out of my limbo. 

No more pretty looking tablets for me, thank you very much. No matter how pretty they are.