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31 Jul 2015

Counting Chickens Blessings

Things that I am thankful for this week

  • For a nice couple of weeks at work; not too hectic, not completely jobless
  • For my derelict, decrepit Activa never giving up on me/ leaving me stranded in peak time traffic *touchwood*
  • For a temper that ensured the return of my brother’s mobile from the service center
  • For Fresh Menu and their beyond-amazing salad dressings 
  • For having the will to work out regularly (though the scale is not moving a centi milimeter -_-) This is a huge deal considering how anti-getting-sweaty-and-icky inconsistent I am
  • For the patience someone important recently had/has with me
  • For life (after hearing what dengue did to a family) and the good health of everyone I care about (two things that we I always take for granted)
  • For the sense and the chance to try and reconnect with a lot of people who I chose to break ties with (for various reasons that seem silly now)
  • For being able to get excited about whale tank tops :D
  • For having expanded my blogger friends circle 

Some eye candy always helps.