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20 Jul 2015

UBC Day 20: Schadenfreude

The pedestrian made his way forward, slowly albeit surely.
The cyclist derived sadistic pleasure from watching the pedestrian walk through throngs of humanity.
The scooterist smirked at cyclist trying to cycle uphill.
The biker tch-tchd at the scooterist trying to overtake the bus.
The auto driver felt sorry for the biker when the rains came pouring down.
The car owner turned his nose up at the auto driver as he whooshed through the traffic.
The bus driver looked down upon the car driver before cutting him off to turn right.
The car owner honked in frustration at the big, lumbering bus trying to emulate F1 racing.
The auto driver laughed as he swooped on front from the bus’s left.
The biker turned on full throttle and got home eons before the auto driver even reached the stand.
The scooterist patted himself on the back for all the gaps in traffic he could fit into, thanks to not having a bulky bike.
The cyclist rode by the police without worrying about emission certificates, DLs, and whatchamacallit.
The pedestrian still made his way forward, slowly albeit surely.

Schadenfreude (German)
deriving pleasure from another’s misfortune