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10 Jul 2015

UBC Day 10: Feeding the Soul

2 places on your wanderlist
(Only two?)

I HAVE to see the northern lights before I die. I just have to.

Igloo village, Finnish Lapland.
May be overrated, may not be everything I want it to be, may not be even close, but I still want to see this POV at the Times Square.

Times Square, NYC
The world is waiting for me, it is waiting 
with all its nooks and cozy corners,
Cold icy winds and warm beaches.
Scintillating cities and expanses of deserts.
Smiling strangers and hostile extremes.
Lights and pitch darknesses, vibrant life and quiet, unchanging days,
Colors and grey. Complicated metrorails and simple teepees.
How the life of a wanderess calls out to me, 
tugging at my heartstrings,
feeding my wanderlust.
How I fall in love with mere pictures,
Daydreaming and wondering if they are not too good to be true. 
One day, I will walk till my destination, 
And then keep walking until there is nothing left to see.
One day. Some day.