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3 Jul 2015

UBC Day 3: The Tale of Me

9 things about me
  • I’m a camel. I can go an entire day with less than 250 ml of water. And I can drink a litre of water at one go without breaking a sweat. Yes, yes, I know, very healthy.
  • I have a very high IQ. So high that I locked my bike’s handle, left the key INSIDE the back compartment and then closed the seat. Like I said, extremely high IQ.
  • I have days when I cannot believe that I’m 25 and I’m living by myself and I’m, outwardly, a grownup adult who is taken seriously by other adults. 
  • I canNOT let a fight be. I HAVE to sort it out, one way or the other, or the restlessness will eat me alive.
  • I randomly compliment people. Most people are taken aback because us Indians, as a people, are not used to being complimented. Nor do we know how to receive a compliment gracefully. Me included. When someone says they like my hair, my immediate reaction is to say – what nonsense, your hair is better. 
  • I love drawing ghosts. And that’s pretty much all I can draw.
  • I read three billion reviews of a beauty product, I obsess over where I can find it in Bangalore, I go to the place and come back without buying it. For no reason. 
  • I’m unnecessarily polite to Facebook stalkers. And unnecessarily rude to people who ask me if I’m looking for a change in my career. 
  • In the history of my life, there isn’t one single activity (apart from studies, work, and writing) that I have been consistent at. Not challenges, not workout plans, not eating right plans, not watching TV shows, not reading a certain genre, not keeping resolutions, not nothing. Its so bad that I have started to NOT think of anything as a series, so that my track record doesn’t jinx it.