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4 Jul 2015

UBC Day 4: Winning Le Heart

8 ways to win my heart
(wow, so dramatic)

  • Understand my frequent F.R.I.E.N.D.S references. Don’t look at my strangely when I “Oh My God” in a nasal tone.
  • Gift me books for every occasion. Even better if you get the genre right.
  • Hold up an interesting conversation. I’m only sometimes a talker. And even when I do, I feel like I’m boring the other person with my arguments on why humanity dying out is a good idea and why organized religion is a sham. So I’d much appreciate it if you can pick up the threads where I let them go and vice versa. I share such a relationship with very few people in this world. 
  • Be able to laugh at yourself. If you make fun of my batman wings or my Angry Birds top, I will laugh with you. So if I make fun of your gelled cockatoo hair and you take offense, I’ll be disappointed with you. 
  • Have your priorities straight in life. Know who and what are most important. Don’t tell me you care about me more than “everything else in the world”, it will not fly with me. Not even a little bit. 
  • Don’t throw your money around. Nothing turns me off faster than expensive gifts that I can live without given with just the intention of impressing me. Utilitarian is the way to go.
  • Write me a note/poem. Write me a letter. Send me a postcard. 
  • Find out where I blog and blogstalk me. I LOVE people who I know do that.